Ways to increase Facebook likes effectively

Having a strong base of relevant followers (i.e. many likes) is the purest form of social proof. Having hundreds or even thousands of those will help to build trust and people will be more interested in your brand. It is important, that Facebook likes are to be earned, instead of bought. The best way to earn organic Facebook likes is by creating awesome and viral content or running Facebook Page Like Campaigns, like we do.

You should NEVER BUY Facebook likes, because:

  • You will have fake, non-engaging audience, that is very unlikely to be relevant to your products/services and that it will ultimately affect your [page`s] status in the algorythms for the worst
  • People are smart enough to realise that your followers arent “real”

What is a Facebook Like campaign?

Facebook Like campaign is a paid advertising campaign aimed directly at increasing the number of likes for a Facebook Page.

With Facebook Like campaigns, you will target people who might be interested in your brand and the posts you share on Facebook. If these people like your ad, they will click on the call-to-action button to like your Facebook Page.

research is essential to effective segmentation and targeting. Let us know if you need help! 

How effective is PRStart in Facebook marketing?

Here is our thing, right? You have never worked with us, and possibly you have never worked with any digital marketing agency before neither. Let’s look at facts.

Facebook Like Marketing

Facebook Like Marketing

We have recently taken on a new client, who were struggling to grow their Facebook audience. After a complete strategic marketing planning and testing, we have started our Facebook Like Campaign on a low budget to deliver real results.

The Results

Our client had 1047 likes on their page when we signed the contracts. Before we launched our live Facebook Likes Campaign, we have run a test (first pike on the graph below) to validate our research, target audience and segmentation that we defined in our strategic marketing plan.

Based on the results, we have adjusted a few minor things in our targeting and segmentation before we hit the “Publish” button on our campaign, and here are the results.

As of today, we have doubled our client`s Facebook audience and this will carry on for a long time to create an engaging, product/service relevant community where it is easy to sell to ensure positive ROI on the Facebook campaign.


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