Business Consulting not only in Cumbria

How we help our customers

Business change so as markets and customer demands. Every business faces unique and complex challenges, this is why we have a tailored approach to the barriers you wish to overcome.

Challenges are unique therefore there is no all-around solution. Does your business know how to utilize technology and best practices to accelerate growth? How about one that can execute sustainable change and deliver real results?

A real global team

Our team based in Europe, especially in the UK and Hungary can help you work through the issues and assist you all way along. Whether you need to create or re-shape your strategy, marketing or IT infrastructure, we have decades of experience while we have market-leading partners to help assist you.

Our focus

We set our focus to new ventures and small family-run businesses across many sectors but remained focused on hospitality businesses such as hotels, guest houses, pubs, and restaurants.

what we do?

  • Revenue optimization
  • Staff training
  • Operational review
  • Healthcheck
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Start-up support
  • Competitor review
  • Customer profiling
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Relief management

Get in touch now and see what we can do for you to take your business to the next level!

Discover your organization`s real values and true potential from a different perspective.


Discover and prioritize new ideas to support an action plan to move your business in the right direction.
• Focus on real opportunities
• Adjust organizational objectives
• Re-think your vision
• Reduce costs
• Manage efficiency

Implement change
Empower your team while creating new procedures and processes to maximize efficiency.
• Project approach
• Staff training
• Marketing and campaign planning
• IT utilization

Evaluate the effectiveness and optimize processes to improve return on investment.
• Optimise performance
• Track engagements and conversations
• Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing plan and campaigns

Successful Projects