Usual morning routine… Waking up, getting breakfast for the kid, a fight to get her in the car to go to the nursery.
Car wouldn`t start.

Meh. Typical.


It was a very cold night, the car has a very old battery, it is ought to be like that, I was already planning to buy a new battery, I have no other option now. Anyway, I quickly got into my wife`s car to take the kid to nursery.

Rapidly made my way home to hit the internet: google maps, keyword: car battery near me. First result had many negative reviews and they weren`t particularly helpful when I phoned. Anyways, there are more to look at. Second is near me and has very good reviews.

Let`s look at their website. No webshop. No price list. Its time to call them. Phone number is not in service. Lets move onto the third one.

Helpful customer service, good price… They don`t accept cards…. Never mind, there is an ATM close that is on the way, so lets go. I went there.

We started talking. This guy has told me so much about his business. They started this with his friend back in the day, and that friend has already gone… He didn`t even know that his website still exist. I mentioned, that If he had a webshop, I would have ordered it online, and I would have paid for delivery too.

He looked at me and I saw the hope in his eyes that soon was gone with a sigh; “It would be good, but it must be so expensive…”.

I suggested that we offer a free magento ecommerce solution, that is based on profit sharing.

A few months down the line, his turnover skyrocketed due to his new webshop and marketing solution that we developed for him.

Magento e-commerce solution

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